Design Your Own Silk Scarf - Feb. 24

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SOLD OUT-SIGN UP FOR OUR NEXT EVENT ON APRIL 27th: https://gatherstudioandmarket.com/design-your-own-silk-scarf-apr-27/?ctk=f0110377-fb27-449c-83c5-39c3b05fbb5e

11am - 2pm

Create your own silk scarf utilizing this magical, 1000-year tradition of painting on water. Using tools and techniques hundreds of years old, we guide you through this amazingly simple, seemingly magical printing process. Each scarf will be designed by you on luxurious, non-fading 100% silk 14" wide by six feet long. It can double as a head wrap, table runner, valance, throw, or wall art. Highly sophisticated designs can be imitated, but never exactly duplicated. This event is for adults only. 

Each pattern is one-of-a-kind, your design. This workshop is a fun exploration with familiar friends and new friends alike. It can be an exercise in gift making or exploring a new art. You take turns following existing patterns or just experimenting to see what happens - all with amazing results via the proven techniques of this ancient commercial printing art. No prior experience or ability is required. This is truly art for everyone. You will feel like an artist whether you are or are not. Come forget about the world with a few hours of social, interactive, experimental fun.