Good Vibes Holiday Gift Boxes

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Give the gift of "good vibes"


Each of these gift boxes includes:

-Sage Bundle* >>> Cleanses and removes negative energy, raises the vibration of spaces. 

-Palo Santo*>>> Clears negative energy and aids with physical healing.

-Selenite Stick >>> Protective Stone. Sooths and brings peace and tranquility. 

-Crystal Candle >>>  Lavender and Tourmaline. Lavender is calming and stress relieving. Mixed Tourmaline Gemstones  Green: Personal Joy and Compassion. Black: Shields from negative energy, helps with stress. Pink: Helps to heal the heart from emotional wounds. Yellow: Purifies energy. 


Your choice of bracelet:

Hand stamped "Positive Vibes" bracelet locally handmade by Old Doug Soul of Fair Oaks


Gemstone Charm Bracelet locally handmade by Mystical Moonbeams of Granite Bay


* How to use Palo Santo and Sage. Ignite, walk throughout space and then place in a glass dish and allow it to burn out.




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