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Gather [ˈɡaT͟Hər]​

To bring together or assemble from various places, sources or people.

Gathers Marketplace​

A collective of artists offering the community a local option to purchase a variety of high quality items, ready to take home or gift. All items featured in our marketplace boutique are handmade by local artists, makers and handmade entrepreneurs.

Gathers Studio​

An art studio offering creative classes and workshops taught by talented locals. In addition, Gather offers make & take sessions for quick and easy walk-in DIY projects as well as the ability to schedule your own class time!

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Purchasing a locally handmade item or taking a class from a local supports your community! When searching for unique gifts, home décor, accessories and high-quality items, you don’t have to search far, consider a local option first! We take your dollars and put them back into the local economy. You help us buy food and clothes for our families. We support other local businesses. We offer personalized service and unique offerings you will never find in a big box store. We care because we are part of the community.

Shopping local makes a real difference for us all.

So let's keep it in the neighborhood.

Meleya Walker, Owner

Meleya with Ashley Williams of Good Day Sacramento

Meet the owner, Meleya Walker

After being a stay at home/working Mom and running a small jewelry design company from home, Meleya Walker wanted to pursue something more. Both children would be in school all day and she missed the social aspect of working with others. She sat back and thought about what she would love to do all day, truly living her passion. Having a passion for being creative, along with a love of learning and of all things handmade…. she thought “Wouldn't it be great to "Gather" together local artists and have them teach classes on the creative arts they are passionate about! I’d love to take classes and learn from others in my local community on a variety of topics, all in one space and those same artists could have a local space to sell their items too! ”

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“I believe that having the talent to create something with your hands is a gift, a lot of time, effort and PASSION goes into handmade. Lots of failures, trial and error, success and triumph. Its hard work but it’s the BEST work of all because it comes from the heart. Our local artists and makers should be celebrated and supported by their community. We should buy these items, so they continue to bless us with their artistic talent, are able to live their true callings and passions and are able to support their families at the same time.”
–Meleya Walker​

Some of our local artists:

Artist Highlight: Jenni Specht - Malas and Moonbeams

Hi I’m Jenni

I am passionate about spreading love and peace wherever I go. One of my outlets for this is through my jewelry. I make handmade meditation Malas as well as bracelets, rings and earrings. All of my pieces are made with semi precious gemstones which are known to possess many amazing healing properties. I love educating people about different gemstones and helping them choose the right ones for them. I believe that meditating daily can be an incredible tool in helping you be the best person you can be. Using a Mala while meditating helps keep the mind focused and prevents it from wandering. It allows you to concentrate on the positive intention you have set for that day. My pieces serve a dual purpose, they are full of color and beauty but also serve as a reminder of your mantra. I hope they can inspire you. Always hold your standards high and spread love to everyone you meet. I am blessed to have a job that allows me to be creative and to share my passions....Namaste

Are you a crafter, maker, artist or handmade entrepreneur?

Whatever you call yourself, Gather is looking for you! If you make a high quality handmade item we would love to see if it would be a good fit for Gathers Marketplace. Please submit photos of your items and/or link to your online presence. We love when our artists can teach a class and share their craft with the local community, so please let us know your craft class and workshop ideas! Please no walk-ins. If you don’t hear back from us, please feel free to check back in, we may already have too many products in your category. Please email: Vendor@GatherStudioandMarket.com​

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